Super epic campaign of confusion


We woke up at the inn and the secratary said sorry you have to leave. I said no you have to leave. She said don’t test m… I interupted her by shooting her in the knee with my crossbow. Sh forced me out the door and slammed it and locked it. I smashed through the steel door and saw appollo peeing on the counter and a 8ft tall 400lb man charging me. I ran out, and appollo jumped out the window. We ran into the forest and followed a strange path we never noticed. We stumbeled across a small house as we laugh at the arrow in the secrataries knee, and the pee on the counter. Appollo uses his golden hand to leave a golden middle finger on the front door. I knocked on the door. A little girl anwsered. She said what are you doing here. I slapped her and walked in. The floor fell as if by magic, i fell right into a cell. The floor reformed, and i was stuck blind. I had an idea. I broke a piece of my barrel off. Tied rope around it to keep it sturdy. I used flint to burn it, and form a torch. I ripped the cell bars apart. I went 20 min of following the narrow cave. I almost fell off a cliff. I dropped a copper peice. 40 seconds after i heard it hit the ground. I climbed down the cliff, towards the bottom i fell, my dagger fell out of my pocket and stabbed into my leg. I was in pane and noticed there was a maze. I punched the rock wall and broke my hand, and tied rope around the imprint. I carried it so i wouldnt get lost. I found a big circle center of the maze. My rope just turned to dust. 7 willowisps came out. I fought them off for a while, but then my body gave out. They faded away and the little girl popped up. She laughed evily and used my axe to kill me.



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