Super epic campaign of confusion

How it all began

Well it was a bad morning. I left this town… i walk up and a city guard comes up to me and pushes me and says you assulted an officer, i said well im sure we can…sucker punch. He spit out a tooth and then two guards came up and said noone touches the chief. They each grabbed one of my arms. I yanked them off and said, yeah right, not on your life. I Take my great axe and cut the chiefs head off, and then kicked the guard to my left. The one on my right yelled help. The other one got up, and 4 more guards came. I sliced one, diced another, and disembowled another. I run and shoot my heavy crossbow. Head shot. Then they raised thier crossbows. I took 12 bolts in the arm shoulder area. I had to give in. The brought me to be excecuted. Then a mysterious person shot an arrow into the excecutioners head. I broke free of the rope and took his axe. We needed to get across town quick and unseen i needed my stuff back. We went down the sewers and were attacked by an ogre, 3 wizards and giant spiders.I found my little hidden chest where i left some things. I took my peasant outfit changed out of my prison outfit. And took my cure light wounds,and my masterwork enchanted dagger. I yell by the power intrusted in me by the great mighty gorum…. I…Shall…KILL. My dagger burst into flames. The war is over. The flames deceased.We went up and Apollo took his magical shapeshifting hat and turned into a guard and pulled me into the royal palace. We had to sneak through it, killing a guard from time to time. Made it to the top and had to persuade the emporer with gambling problems to look under his throne. There was a trap door that lead into underground tunnels. We let the people free. The guards have been torturing people.He gave us some things to apologize. I got a greatsword. I got my barrel backpack back aswell. I had to use my cure light wounds earlier, so my old one is good. I also got back my grataxe heavy crossbow, bolts, my 10,000ft of rope, and my gold and clothes all back.We heard a crash rushed to the roof. There was a black dragon fighting city guards. It shot acid and killed 12 at once, that was all of them. I decided it was as good as time as any to try out my new greatsword. I charged and drew it, All of a sudden the fight, the money, survival, all faded away. All I felt was to kill, the blood lust. I attacked charged and lunged my greatsword into its stomach. Appollo shot a couple arrows and it died. I felt the lust fade and i put my greatsword back. Appollo said what happened to you. I said the greatsword is a last resort only. I told him what it did to me. Good thing I didn’t notice him while in that crazy alternate me.



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